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Congrès mondial acadien 2019


AUGUST 10 TO 24, 2019

August 24: Closing Ceremony - Shediac, NB
The 2019 CMA Closing Ceremony will take place in beautiful Shediac.

For more information on the CMA2019, please visit CMA2019.
Our team, comprised of dedicated volunteers and employees, plays an important role in the business in helping to create a summer atmosphere for all at Ocean Surf RV Park-Camping. The comfort of our guests is our priority. We aim to make you feel at home whether your are staying for the night, a few nights or longer!

Management Team

photo equipe
Picture: Andrée Belliveau, Jean-Claude Belliveau, Annette Belliveau and Sophie Belliveau Doiron

Jean-Claude Belliveau
President, Founder and Chief executive officer of the business since 1964.

Annette Belliveau
Administrative support since 1964.

Sophie Belliveau-Doiron
Executive Director with the role of managing daily operations since 2000.

Andrée Belliveau
Customer service and organizational policies manager since 2014.

Our Philosophy
Ocean Surf RV Park-Camping is a family owned business who prides itself on the comfort of its clients. As in all businesses with a vision, Ocean Surf RV Park-Camping continues to evolve and aims at surpassing the industry trends while continually improving its services and being avant-guard with the needs of its guests.

The great team of employees
At this moment, Ocean Surf RV Park-Camping has a team of 25 employees during the summer months (including part time and full time staff). Our team members vary in ages from 15 to 82!

To help with the activity calendar and to contribute to the vibrancy of the park, many volunteers, who are seasonal campers, contribute their time and effort to make our guests’ stay even more memorable.

Since 1964, the passion, dedication and vision of the many team members and volunteers of Ocean Surf RV Park-Camping continue to resonate within the company. The company is tracing a road towards a bright future and as always is passionate about the camping industry.

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Local Attractions

The way to your next adventure

Ocean Surf RV Park-Camping will keep you busy with many activities that are organized on site. You can also take advantage of your stay to discover the surroundings. Wonderful discoveries await you.