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Fall and Winter Office Hours

For Fall and Winter, our office hours are from 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Thursday.
You can reach us toll free at 1-888-532-5480.


Due to Covid-19, regulations, policy, and operations may change without prior notice.


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Please read the following guidelines for your information regarding COVID-19.

COVID-19 Current Public Health guidelines regarding Covid-19 are in effect: Travelling into New Brunswick.

o To limit physical contacts (as much as possible), call us at 506-532-5480 to reduce office visits.
o Masks are mandatory in all indoor public places at the campground.
o At the Administration Office, only 1 client is permitted in the office at a time. Enter from the door on the entrance side, and go out from the door on the exit side.
o Maintain physical distancing requirements, practice good hand hygiene, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and consciously act to reduce the risk to everyone on the premises.
o It is your responsibility to ensure that children maintain a 2-metre (6 feet) separation at all times from other children/people and from other parties during your stay.
o Campers are encouraged to use the washroom/shower and Laundromat facilities in their own RV, whenever possible to reduce traffic at shared facilities.

“The health and well-being of our clients and employees is our priority. The protocols and procedures in place at the campground, notably, those that deal with physical distancing and enhanced cleaning, including at the pool, will be updated following the most up-to-date guidelines from Public Health. By adapting to whatever the 2021 season has in store, we must nevertheless all remain vigilant, while enjoying the beautiful wonders that surround us in Shediac."


Sophie Belliveau
General Manager

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