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Let’s be honest, Sunsets are magical. If you’re a sunset seeker, you know the feeling you get inside when time is shifting between day and night, when the fading of the sun below the horizon symbolizes the end of a narrative or maybe the beginning of something new.

Hot summer beach days are especially extraordinary for those chasing sunsets. Whether watching the sun set alone or with friends, the awesomeness is the same!

In Southeastern New Brunswick, there are a variety of beaches, wharfs and coastlines where one can sit still and be awed by the beauty of life and nature. It’s a sunset seekers delight! I have narrowed down the list of my 10 favorite places to Chase the Sunset in the summer!

Closest to our campground and locations to catch the most superb sunsets in Shediac are Parlee Beach and Poînte-du-Chêne Wharf.

Our guests are lucky to be able to walk down to the beach or take a short drive to appreciate this phenomenon. From our quaint office, we see the different types of sunset seekers. Maybe, they’ve been at the beach all day and are just waiting for the sun to set to pack up their belongings and head back with a feeling of Ah! Perhaps, after a long day at work, they decide to flock down to the beach with wine glasses, spirits, chairs and cameras in hand, in hopes of catching the most stunning sunset.
A locally known spot is the little bridge, off of the walking path that used to be a railway passage between the Town of Shediac and Pointe-du-Chêne. With an incredible view of Shediac Bay, cyclists and walkers can relax; take a few minutes to watch the boats as the sun goes down in this quiet picturesque section of the trail.

If you’re in the mood to sail away in the sunset, get on board the Ambassador, a local tour boat company offering lobster suppers or evening cruises off of Pointe-du-Chêne Wharf. On the upper deck, guests can enjoy a nice glass of wine while sailing on Shediac Bay.

Paturel Shore House in Cap Bimet, Second Cup rooftop terrace off the Bay of Shediac and SandBar or Captain Dan’s are local shops and restaurants where you can enjoy local flavor while watching nature’s way of starting a new chapter in a day. Rotary Park, home to the Giant Lobster, is also a well known spot to gaze at the sunset and take selfies.

Just a short drive east, to the Village of Cap-Pelé is Aboiteau Beach. This quaint fishing village offers an Acadian vibe, plenty of Fried Clams and some nice spots to end the day! As the days get longer, memories of sunsets give us the opportunity to reminisce and remember that longer, warmer days are ahead. Where will you be chasing the sunset next summer?

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